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Sunny, at in this cemetery in Germany… These old resting grounds of friedhof in Freiburg im Breisgau, baden-wurttemberg.. walking around, wandering, taking pictures, and asking my sister to translate the graves.. thinking of all the years ago that these beautiful words were inscribed, and these children just missed.. everyone still alive, without them.. back before the whole generation had passed.. and saving the mausoleum for last… I looked at the ceiling, lined with fresco’s.. wings, and skulls, lions with rings in their mouths, and angels crying… anyways, I ended up coming home and reading this bizarre article about a disturbing person, their cognitive reasoning, and preferences, and it was just insane shit.. and the whole thing just reminded me of this painting I saw in the cemetery back in Germany, and for a second it just blew my mind that the guitar is symbolically used as a metaphor, or a tool for channeling spirits… and this claim is evident in art history… I guess the correlation im trying to make is this dude was playing guitar and channeling some dead girls spirit.. I guess the spirit then gave him commands and every night he would return and carry out these pretty crazy tasks.. and this fresco I saw had a person sitting on a grave playing a guitar for a flying skeleton or something too.. just fuckin weird apparitions with music, weird shit ive always thought/felt sometimes playing guitar.. not to the extent of getting commands and weird shit, but just like sometimes music can open doors into other realms.. it can awake things, and not in a creepy, weird shit with a wheelbarrow kind of thing, but something good, and something awesome, and it can tell you things about yourself.. the intent and message of art by a painter who’s long since died themselves… its funny that even though we die.. the art we create will always live on, and its impressions, and echoes into the world will be felt, even from the otherside, so do a quick sketch.. or support someone by getting a tattoo… play guitar, and channel the past, because the sounds we make, and the notes we play, the pictures we paint and the words we write.. they’ll survive us by a thousand years.  Dont be afraid to go  

me, my sister, and my brother in law.

me, my sister, and my brother in law.


I really want to hate Lana del Rey but she is so sexy. I would probably do just about anything for her if she promised to sing to me and play with my hair in return.

Ride”, and the Tropico short film.. Enough said.  

carla bruni - la possibilite d'une ile
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looking at my passport tonight, and thinking about some shit. 

Listen to this song, and you’ll know what I mean.  


Welcome to my Saturday night.  

saying hello is way easier and funner though 

saying hello is way easier and funner though 

oh and also, a little parting shot here.. if you’re somewhere in life, and you find yourself looking for textbooks, but they cost an assload of money to rent or buy, or it just seems like whatever resources you have to cheat the system have RUN OUT.. I would say to look for the text online at stores in the UK, or France, or Germany.. that area… they charge by the currency over there, so the price you’re paying is for the book as it costs in the pound sterling or the franc or whatever..from that point they convert the price to united states dollars, and they don’t charge a crazy amount for a textbook.. they’re not trying to make money in every possible way they can throw a trademark, or copyright on -just to raise a debt ceiling, and gas prices, and give paid leave to police officers that put 60 bullets in someone but hey, that’s not aimed at any place in particular, or anything like that, it’s just something I learned, so yeah.. buy textbooks from overseas because shipping is cheap as well, and in the end you’re seriously going to spend about 1/4 the amount, and that’s the difference between 8/8, and 2/8.. so check that shit if you can

me at Lake Thun in Switzerland 2014.. 

me at Lake Thun in Switzerland 2014.. 

university follies

so I had fun running around Europe for a little bit… drinking Oktoberfest beer, getting fresh food at the Munster in Freiburg, going for runs in the Black Forest… and yeah I plan on moving to Switzerland one day, and no I didn’t want to come “home” after spending some time in those countries, but I gotta switch gears a little bit, and tell you about what happened today at my first day in University.  

   Fast forward to this First day of class for my finishing touches on a Bachelor’s in Psychology, and anyways, first day of class, first 30 seconds in my “Psychology of Human Sexuality” course, and no joke.. we sit down, the professor introduces herself.. and the FIRST question she asks us [in these first 30 seconds on the first day]… her question was 

"What do you want to learn in here?"  

   I think this question has spurred on many intellectual conversations in the passed, and maybe even they were a little revealing in nature about how we individually, and personally see/explore sexuality, and relationships, and all that.. well.. Not today.  

   This dude raises his hand (with this notion, he’s the first person to talk in this class, EVER)… anyways, he raises his hand.. he looks like he’s 12, or something.. he raises his hand, and the professor calls on him.. and in response to her “What do you want to learn in here?” question he answers:

"Pickup lines?"  

   This classroom of 60+ females, and myself just erupted in laughter.. even the teacher was cracking up… It took about two, or three minutes for order to be restored, and for everyone to stop laughing at this poor kid… Partly because he was totally serious about his hopes, and aspirations to learn pickup lines in Psychology of Human Sexuality… 


I dont know if you’ve ever been in a situation where the whole class, or the whole division, or the whole group just laughed at ONE person.. but that’s exactly what happened today, and it lasted for a few minutes, and the seriousness of this dude totally caught everyone off guard, and it was one of the funniest moments of my life.. 

authelet if you’re out there, and your reading this shit I fucking miss you brother.. me and freelance are meeting up soon, and I know were going to talk about you, but yeah man.. just thinking about some good shit with MSDS chemicals, and “the adventures of cook, and Chief Anderson”… hahaha.. good shit dude… damn.  we called your phone and left a voicemail for the hell of it, knowing you would never answer.. I fucking miss you dude, and if I had your dad’s address I’d write to him, and tell him about what a good friend you were, and how he did a good job..

there were things I’ve never known in this life, but something I did have was a damn good brother… I fucking miss you dude.. me and freelance are meeting up soon, and know we’re going to talk about you, and the jobs we had and hated..  

just missing the smells of the city, and the food being cooked outside the window… I miss all the dogs, and parks, and gardens, cobble stone streets, and cemeteries to walk in.. the fresco paintings, and cathedrals, these gargoyles that looked over us, and talking to the people too.. such a different life over there, and such a different world.. I think you need to go here 

im working on a complete video.. this is just a short clip.. I hope you enjoy 

The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die.
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